Title Deeds in Thailand

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Title Deeds in Thailand

Title Deeds in Thailand

These are the types of Title Deeds in Thailand. There are a number of title deeds in Thailand and below you will find a breakdown of some of these title deeds. You will however note that the first two are not really title deeds but are possessory rights which comes with the property and nothing else. These are mainly found in rural Thailand and holds no value to a foreigner in Thailand or for that matter your Thai wife if you are going to buy property in her name. Check the pages on Thailand lawyer for more information.

Title Deeds in Thailand

Right at the bottom of the title deeds would be the Sor Kor Nung title deed. This title is no longer issued and is seen as a reserve license and in terms of your recorded rights this would be the lowest that it could go. The Sor Kor Nung is only a plan and description of the property.

The Nor Sor Song is not so much a title deed in Thailand but more of a right which has been given to the holder by the Land Department in Thailand to occupy and use the land on a temporary basis.

Much like other title deeds in Thailand the Nor Sor Sam is registered with the Land Office in Thailand. This registration shows possessor rights as well as the right to use the land which the title deed covers.

The updated version of the Nor Sor Sam is the Nor Sor Sam Gor title deed. This version of the title deed is more accurate than the former.

  • Nor Sor Saam Khor

This is an upgraded and more accurate title than the Nor Sor Gor but not a Chanote title deed as yet. This can be upgraded to the Chanote title deed.

The Chanote title deed or Nor Sor Si Jor title deed in Thailand is the title deed of chose for foreigners in Thailand as it has the same rights as at home in the West. This would be the title deed with the most secure rights for you to either buy or to lease or to register a usufruct or superficies against.

You will note that there are a number of title deeds in Thailand and each has its own issues other than the Chanote title deed. You will want to have a Chanote or if being offered something else for your Thai wife to buy then you should take legal advice and the property market is very complex and there is also going to be the issues of fraud which is not exactly uncommon.

If you are going to register a usufruct or a superficies then you will also need to know what type of title deed the land has which you are considering. Always take proper advice from a property lawyer in Thailand to ensure you do not invest in the incorrect title deed and also ensure that there are no other legal problems while in Thailand since foreigners generally cannot own land.